By R. Craig Sautter

I write to discover and define what I really think. I write poems to quell my deep creative urge to invent imagery, naturalistic, symbolic, and surrealistic, and other-worldly realities. I write short stories to create characters and situations that probe important ideas or resolve pressing conflicts or to develop aesthetically pleasing narratives. I write history books to educate myself and others about the past that shadows us. I write radio and TV political ads and speeches to help elect progressive legislators. I write education articles to inform readers of current learning trends and opportunities. I write outlines to organize what we will talk about in my DePaul University philosophy, politics, history, literature, and creative writing classes. In the latter, I help others write poetry and short stories. (As a poet-in-residence, I did the same with K-12 students in 36 upstate New York schools and for the Illinois Arts Council.) I write books (10 published, 6 unpublished) to expand what I know about topics of fascination to me, and possibly others who might read them. I read and write because I greatly enjoy the vast and intricate worlds that open up for me. I write because I love language and the sound and sense of words from which I can compose a kind of cosmic music. I write compulsively, almost every day, and often long into the night. I write for myself, and “Art for Art’s sake.” I write to elevate and embrace my mystic, transcendental self.


R. Craig Sautter is a past president of the Society of Midland Authors, and the author or co-author of ten books, including The Wicked City: Chicago From Kenna To Capone.