Heart Mapping

A heart map is a heart-shaped figure in which you jot a wide variety of things important to you. Creating a heart map will give you a great many ideas for writing about matters that you really care about. Answer the following questions as completely as possible. Try not to just write one word (pets, nature, etc.), but instead use specific words. Later, if you choose to write something expanding on an item from your heart map, the detail will help remind you of exactly what you want to say.


Heart Mapping Questions

    • What memories have you stored in your heart (They don’t have to be BIG or exciting memories. For example, the smell of molasses cookies baking at a grandmother’s house could be important to someone because it was something she loved to do.)
    • What are some experiences or events that you will never forget?
    • What happy or sad memories do you have?
    • What secrets do you keep in your heart?
    • What things or objects are important to you — for example, a tree in your backyard or a stuffed animal, etc.?
    • What’s at the center of your heart – you might want to place the most important people, memories, and experiences in the center?
    • Ask yourself if you want to keep some things inside your heart and less important things on the outside of your heart.
    • what people have been important to you – and why?
    • Do you want to draw more than one heart – good and bad; happy and sad; secret and open – and include different things inside each heart?

If you wish, you can use different colors to represent different emotions, events, or relationships.

It’s your choice whether or not to share your map or any part of it with others, since some items may be private or sensitive.