This activity enables a writer to recall details to help paint a vivid word-picture of an event that has been important in their life. The event should be something the person has experienced, not just an external political or social event (unless that event itself had an immediate effect on the person).


* Each person identify an important event he or she has experienced.

* On a full-sized sheet of paper, draw a vertical and horizontal line to divide the sheet into four equal rectangles.

* Use each square to brainstorm and list words and phrases about one of the following aspects of the event

    –Visuals: place, others who were there, description of the place
    –Emotions: how you felt before, during and after the event
    –Action: the time or timing, plus words and phrases that describe how the event took place
    –Dialogues: quotes, words or phrases from the event

* Read over and share some of what you have listed with a partner. See if that leads to any additional details.

* Quick write: for 5-7 minutes write what ever you are thinking about the event to get as much down as possible. Do not worry about format, punctuation or spelling. Get your thoughts and memories onto the page.

*Decide what type of writing you would like to do: poem, narrative, letter to a friend, announcement, memoir.

* Draft the piece OR outline what you plan to do.

* People can share when ready.