Celebrating my Hundredth Published Novel

by patricia Rosemoor

I’m not sure when I thought about how many novels I might write. At some point in my 30+ year career, as my backlist grew, I always thought of “100″ being the pinnacle of success – the number I wanted to reach someday.

I normally wrote 3 novels a year, but EYES OF THE TIGER didn’t come easily. I got the idea when I saw the Bollywood movie OM SHANTI OM, a reincarnation story in which both good and bad karma played significant roles, generating ideas for a romantic thriller. I researched, made multiple tries to get it right, but finishing it eluded me.

I already had the idea and much of the research done when I traveled to India with another author and her husband. There I learned so much of what I couldn’t know from book/Internet research. I absorbed the sights and sounds and talked to the people. We stayed in hotels that were once palaces, toured forts with incredible artwork especially in the separate quarters for women, and thrilled to a stay at a tiger preserve.

Over the next year, I began writing the story between contracts, but I kept struggling with combining romance and paranormal and thriller and historical details. I had written all of those elements before, but not all in one novel. How could I tell this story properly when I had three reincarnated souls from the British Raj? All six characters needed a voice. It was my biggest challenge. I was so busy with other work I let the project sit before returning to my story of a love that wouldn’t die. I finally spent an entire year making EYES OF THE TIGER my priority.

I was thrilled that my obsession paid off when I went to contract with Tule Publishing Group. I finally got to celebrate EYES OF THE TIGER, my 100th published novel, which I consider my personal best and toughest accomplishment. I’m still amazed at what it took to get here… and though I’ve hit my “100,” I’ve decided I’m not done yet…

My advice to all writers: continually challenge yourself with new ideas – things that might be difficult and scary. It makes the journey worthwhile.