There’s still time to participate in Write Across Chicago!

Groups at schools, library branches, non-profit organizations, churches, businesses - all can sign up.

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Guidelines for Sharing in Groups

There are several purposes for sharing writing in groups. An obvious one is to help each other. Sometimes, however, a writer just needs to be heard, in which case neither critique…

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How to Conduct a Writing Group

In schools, teachers guide writing, but in businesses and community organizations, a facilitator can help.

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If Writers Want Feedback

Feedback helps by providing a reader’s perspective on the written words. However, the writing belongs to the writer, so the reader should ask what the writer is trying to say and…

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Where I’m From – Personal Poetry Writing Activity

This is an easy way to help writers create poetry using what they know best - themselves.  It’s a predictable structure for which writers fill in the blanks. Writers can be…

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Guided Imagery Narrative

Guided imagery is a powerful way to focus a writer’s attention on a topic. It helps the writer “see” details of a scene or event and then use these details to develop and enhance…

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Writing an Apology Poem

Some poems take the form of “direct address”—that is, the speaker in the poem talks directly to a specific person. An apology poem uses direct address to apologize for something…

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Memoir of a Person

Often we want to capture memories of important events and people but have trouble finding the words. This activity guides a writer to develop a memoir -- an account about a…

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Getting to Know You Interview

This activity can help group members learn more about one another in a fun and positive way. Group members will interview one another, write up some part of what they’ve learned,…

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Four-Square Activity for Brainstorming Details About an Event in One’s Life

This activity enables a writer to recall details to help paint a vivid word-picture of an event that has been important in their life. The event should be something the person has…

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