Write Across Chicago

Write Across Chicago is a month-long October initiative for Chicagoans of all ages to discover the joy of writing.

Experienced writers, novice writers, confident writers and tentative writers are all invited to meet in small writing groups in libraries, businesses, schools, churches, community centers and other locations throughout the city.

Writing Groups

Writing in small groups helps writers get started, get support, get heard. Start your group, join a group, or learn how to organize your group here.

Support for Writing Groups

Helpful resources for your writing group. Writing activities, guidelines for sharing in groups, idea generating strategies and more!

What We're Writing

Read some of the writing that Write Across Chicago groups throughout our city are sharing.

Published Writers on Writing

Members of the Society of Midland Authors share their processes and experiences with writing.

Why write?

People write for all sorts of reasons – memos for work, grocery lists, checks for paying bills, notes to self to remember tasks, letters of complaint, birthday cards, emails and quick texts to arrange dinner with friends – but also journals to reflect on life and its challenges, letters (digital or by hand) to children, lovers or grandparents, poems stuffed away in a drawer, treasured memories or family stories. Writing matters!

Writing has been part of being human ever since people started drawing on cave walls or sitting around a fire to tell the tales of their ancestors so the children wouldn’t forget.


What is Write Across Chicago, and how does it work?

This unique program helps citizens of all ages and walks of life throughout Chicago appreciate and enjoy self-expression in writing – in businesses, schools, libraries, community and neighborhood organizations.


Participating and Supporting Organizations

Organizations all over Chicago are participating and supporting this exciting new program.

See our full list of participating organizations here.

I have anxiety that needs managing daily. I also have the restless desire to reach out and take part in the world around me as much and as often as possible. Writing and sharing what I write helps me to fulfill both of those needs. -- Amelia Cotter, author of Breakfast with Bigfoot and others

Organizing or facilitating a writing group? Check out these useful guides and find more on our Support for Writing Groups page.

You don't have to be an expert to lead a writing group. Our guide for new writing group facilitators has the info you need...

There are several purposes for sharing writing in groups. An obvious one is to help each other. Sometimes, however, a…

People write for all sorts of reasons – memos for work, grocery shopping lists, checks for paying bills, notes to self to remember tasks...

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